Interpreting Analytical Report Terminology

If you have your website hosted with us, you are entitled to receive, upon request, a monthly analytics report of visitors to your website. These definitions are to clarity the information you will find in your report.

Page Title - The page titles used on your site.

Pageviews - The total number of pages viewed. Repeated views of a single page are counted.

Unique Pageviews - The number of sessions during which the specified page was viewed at least once. A unique pageview is counted for each page URL + page Title combination.

Average Time on Page - The average amount of time users spent viewing a specified page or screen, or set of pages or screens.

Entrances - Entrances is the number of times visitors entered your site through a specified page or set of pages.

Bounce Rate - Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).

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