Privacy Policy

Last updated: October 3, 2018

Data Collection

  • To help prevent abuse your IP address is logged when submitting a support ticket, purchasing a product, logging into a client account, or using our email services.
  • To help guide decision-making non-identifying visitor analytics may be stored by our and client websites. Client websites may also embed various content subject to differing privacy policies.
  • To help guide server maintenance non-identifying information may be stored by our billing and support website and email services.

Data Protection

  • Connections to our websites, client websites and email services are encrypted with Transport Layer Security (TLS) to reasonably protect against manipulation or observation.
  • Credit card data entered on our billing and support website ( is held in server memory until securely transferred to our payment processor, after which we only store an identifying token.
  • Client billing and support data is protected by a combination of encrypting data at rest, enforced internal multi-factor authentication, rolling backups, and redundant storage.
  • Client websites are protected by rolling (up to 10 manual and 20 automatic) backups, with automatic backups made upon each major change or republishing.

Data Retention

  • Email service logs are retained for up to 7 days to help prevent abuse.
  • Email service statistics for each operated domain and user (such as message, spam/virus filtering, and SMTP/IMAP/POP connection counts) are retained for up to 3 months to help guide server maintenance.
  • Client billing and support data is deleted if no invoicing or transaction activity has occurred for 36 months.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • All client data can be requested, amended and/or deleted within 30 days, upon verified request.
  • Cookie notices are displayed as applicable to inform our and client website visitors of data collection.
  • Explicit opt-in consent is used on applicable form submissions.

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